A little about SEVEN SIN


Seven Sin was born from the desire to do wicked things with latex. Our philosophy is that every garment should be made for its owner and as such every garment is produced with its commissioner in mind. This approach allows us to dedicate the care and attention required to present our customers with a garment that bares all of the hall marks of a Seven Sin latex design.  

·         Exquisite attention to detail

·         A complimentary cut

·         Durable construction

·         Finally but most importantly pure sex appeal.

Being a small team and producing all of our latex clothing, web site and fashion accessories in-house means that you will be able to contact the person making your order. We place great pride in the fact that we are approachable and are able to help our customers directly. you will never be talking to a secretary or someone who has no interest and has not spent time making or wearing latex.


At seven sin we specialise in making very finely detailed latex clothing and accessories. We believe that made to measure is not an additional extra that you should have to pay for but that it should come as standard. However, we do allow you to order in standard dress sizes for those lucky enough to fit them. The benefit of ordering latex in a standard size is that the turnaround on your order will be quicker and you will not have to go through the sometimes complicated yoga involved in measuring yourself! If however you are able to make it to our workshop we can arrange fittings in which we will personally measure you to ensure a perfect fit. (please use our contact email for details of this service)


We would like to take time to thank you for reading about us and would encourage you to browse through our current designs displayed in our shop page