Latex Care


Do Not Tumble Dry. Do Not Machine Wash. Do Not Dry Clean. Do Not Iron

After wearing your latex you will no doubt have noticed that it has caused you to sweat more than usual? Unfortunately this sweat can have a detrimental effect on the garment if left for a long period of time. To Make sure your latex stays in its best condition, it is advisable to rinse down the garment in warm water. You do not have to use soap or a detergent but you can use a small amount mixed into water if you find it is necessary. Please avoid using in excess and never apply the detergent directly to the garment.

Once the garment has been rinsed, lay the item flat on a soft towel and pat dry inside and out. Ensure that there are no spots of water remaining on the garment, as this will cause the talc to stick unevenly. Do not leave water on latex for an excessive period (eg. in the bottom of a foot while drying).

To prevent the garment sticking to itself, it is advisable to lightly talc the item. If you use talc, buy only from a reputable larger company marked suitable for babies, since cheap talc can contain Asbestos particles. The easiest way to achieve an even coverage is to place the item into a plastic bag .e.g. a bin liner, add a fine dusting of talc and shake the bag. Repeat the process with the garment inside out to ensure that you have achieved a good coverage.

Loosely fold or hang the item on a plastic hanger to ensure that it does not crease.

Place the item inside a garment bag or other container that will keep it in complete darkness (UV light can cause latex to discolour or in some cases perish).

It is advisable not to store latex on or near a source of heat such as a radiator or heater.

Latex will discolour if exposed to base metals such as copper, brass, nickel etc. So it is advisable to keep latex garments separated from such items.

Please bear in mind that light latex colours such as white or mannequin are much more prone to staining and excessive handling alone can cause this.

Pale or transparent latex absorbs other colours easily from both latex and non-latex clothes. Ideally store the items so they do not touch other clothing at all. Even coloured trim on a cheap plastic clothing bag or coat hanger will stain light latex. Most lighter latex colors also stain when touching metal like zips, buttons or metal coat hangers.

Latex can be delicate at times. It can be easily torn by diamond rings, forcing it into tight shoes without lube or talc, or trying to dress in a rush.

For polishing we recommend vivishine.