Lace Corset


This four panelled underbust latex corset is adorned with the finest appliqué and mixes textures to ensure it showcases it. A mix of flexible and steel boning ensure comfort and control. this item comes made to measure as standard.

Please view our sizing information to ensure you order the correct size.

Baby PinkBaby PinkBaby PinkBlackBlackBlackChocolate BrownChocolate BrownChocolate BrownClaretClaretClaretElectric BlueElectric BlueElectric BlueElectric LilacElectric LilacElectric LilacElectric RoseElectric RoseElectric RoseJade GreenJade GreenJade GreenLight BlueLight BlueLight BlueMedical RedMedical RedMedical RedMetallic BlackMetallic BlackMetallic BlackMetallic BlueMetallic BlueMetallic BlueMetallic ElectrumMetallic ElectrumMetallic ElectrumMetallic FuchsiaMetallic FuchsiaMetallic FuchsiaMetallic GreenMetallic GreenMetallic GreenMetallic HoneyMetallic HoneyMetallic HoneyMetallic PeacockMetallic PeacockMetallic PeacockMetallic pewterMetallic pewterMetallic pewterMetallic PlatinumMetallic PlatinumMetallic PlatinumMetallic PurpleMetallic PurpleMetallic PurpleMetallic RedMetallic RedMetallic RedMetallic SilverMetallic SilverMetallic SilverNatural GreenNatural GreenNatural GreenNightshade BlueNightshade BlueNightshade BlueOrangeOrangeOrangePlumPlumPlumRedRedRedRoyal BlueRoyal BlueRoyal BlueTurquoiseTurquoiseTurquoiseWhiteWhiteWhiteYellowYellowYellow
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